BBQ and Field Day_2015


Mon 17th Jun 2019    
BBQ and Field Day_2015

2 Metre Field Day weekend was mainly a social event

BARS operated the Magna Carta HF station GB8OOM and a 2-metre station in support of Field Day but the main theme on Saturday afternoon was the barbeque. Radio was secondary until the food had been properly taken care of...

The annual barbeque has slowly become a BARS event although it was originally put on by Frank and Daria as part of Field Day. This year we had the added 'attraction' of GB8OOM, the Magna Carta special event callsign, too. It was quite a busy weekend.

Lots of people worked hard to make this a success - thanks to all concerned.
the 2m station in full swing!
Licence? What's a licence?
HF Station GB8OOM was set up in the clubroom
and you wondered where Simon got all his information...
the committee might not really have the last word...
some of our 'senior' members....and not one armchair in sight....
more hectic action on 2 metres
how do they keep up this pace? kind to my hands too....