Banbury Amateur Radio Society


Mon 17th Jun 2019    

1st & 2nd July 2006
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The HF station

A good turnout!

The VHF & UHF station

2m, 4m & 6m

The calm before the storm

There's a G5RV in there somewhere - honest!

The President has a relaxed style.....

Tony (G1BJE) at the V/UHF mic

Eddie (G0TBR) works through MB7INO

Frank (M0BJN) on HF

All work and no play...

Ron (G8DCX) paces out the Topband rhombic
This is what it's all about - Cubs on the air

Of course there were other activities...

.... both by day and by night.

The Chairman on his own - again.

And, of course, it all had to be put away again

Until the next time