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North Oxfordshire Internet Gateway
Edge Hill Repeater
The MB7INO-L InternetGateway is closing as from 31st December 2009. Information regarding Echolink and shortcuts has been left below for reference.


Making a call with Echolink
1. First determine the DTMF code for the user you wish to call or the link or repeater gateway you wish to reach. 
2. Ensure that the gateway is operational by keying a "*" DTMF tone. The gateway node will respond with status information.
3. Press the PTT and key in the four or five digit DTMF code for the user, link or repeater that you wish to link to or select one of the random link choices listed below.
4. If the link was successful, after a few seconds delay, the gateway willrespond with a "Connected" message. If the link was not successful, key a "#" to disconnect the gateway.
5. Following a successful connection, announce your presence on the linked node by calling CQ, etc.
During a QSO using linked repeaters, let the transmit tail completely drop before transmitting to avoid any timeout problems.
7. At the end of the QSO, disconnect the link by keying a "#" DTMF tone. The gateway will respond with confirmation that the link has been disconnected.
8. Note:  Answering a call made through the gateway is just like a simplex QSO - no DTMF is needed.  Just remember to wait for the courtesy tone before replying.
  Click here to go to the Echolink website
DTMF Access Codes
* Play Info file
nnnnn Connect to node no. nnnnn
00 Connect to random node
01 Connect to Random link
02 Connect to random conference
03 Connect to random user
04 Spare
05 Spare
06 Query by node
07 Query by call
08 Status
09 Reconnect
# Disconnect

Standard Shortcuts

Standard shortcuts for UK Echolink repeaters, developed by G4TS

Repeater Node No. Location Shortcut
GB3AE 117405 Tenby 702
GB3AG 117931 Forfar, Angus 714
GB3AH 126469 Dereham, Norfolk 703
GB3AI 4969 Amersham, Buckinghamshire 730
GB3AL 19063 Amersham, Buckinghamshire 704
GB3AM 4125 Amersham, Buckinghamshire 705
GB3BC 39300 Cardiff, Gwent 720
GB3BN 1934 Bracknell, Berkshire 717
GB3CG 190502 Gloucestershire 727
GB3DV 120618 South Yorkshire 716
GB3DX 7125 Birmingham 701
*GB3DX* 160469 Birmingham Conference Server 750
GB3EK 48360 Margate, Kent 706
GB3GN 19583 Aberdeen, Scotland 715
GB3HD 114580 Huddersfield, West Yorkshire 707
GB3HE 115293 Hastings, Kent 708
GB3HH 97616 Harpur Hill, Derbyshire 721
GB3IE 27871 Plymouth, Devon 709
GB3IN 98258 Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire 710
GB3IR 1353 North Yorkshire 711
GB3JF 3805 Lincolnshire 732
GB3KD 187981 Kidderminster 729
GB3LV 155403 Enfield, North London 726
GB3LY 39437 Coleraine, Northern Ireland 712
GB3MI 197681 Manchester 728
GB3NK 54760 Erith, Kent 713
GB3NY 219719 Scarborough 731
GB3OH 37878 Central Scotland 722
GB3PA 22022 Langbank, West Scotland 723
GB3PZ 2591 Manchester 718
GB3SB 116678 Scottish Borders 719
GB3TF 124691 Telford, Shropshire 724
GB3WB 2000 Weston Super Mare 733
GB3WO 170343 Witney, Oxfordshire 734
GB3XN 153126 Nottinghamshire 725
Edge Hill Repeater
--. -... ...-- . ....
G B 3 Edge Hill
--. -... ...-- . ....
An Amateur Radio Repeater operational on 70cms channel RB8 from Edge Hill in the South Midlands (UK).
BAND 70 cms   CHANNEL RB8 (RU256)
OUTPUT 433.200 MHz   INPUT 434.800 MHz
SITE Edge Hill   NGR SP 361 457
ANTENNA Co-Linear (TS B3301 (Repeater))   DIPLEXER (Procom) for single-aerial-working
ERP 18W(12.55 dBW)   LOGIC "Logic-8" Module
ACCESS 0.5 Sec 1750Hz Tone-Burst or CTCSS   TIMEOUT approx 10 mins
BEACON CALLSIGN PERIOD approx 10 mins   CTCSS 67.0 Hz
KEEPER Paul G4OHB   Engineering Clive G0CHO (RF)
LOGIC, TREASURER & WEBSITE   Peter G8CQH   Installation Steve G6MMD (Antenna)
 Ian G0EDT (Closedown)
The Repeater is housed in a secure attachment to a grain-drying barn on the cusp of Sun-Rising Hill. The antenna pole is topped-off with its slender co-linear and rises a modest 50ft alongside the large motor-room holding the dryer. The site is totally rural, being only a few yards from the escarpment which falls away sharply to the North. This favours RF penetration into Stratford-upon-Avon, and thence to the M40 Motorway corridor and the southern outskirts of Birmingham including the M42 corridor. Tall and mature broad-leaf trees once surrounded the site, leading to some variations between summer and winter coverage. However, almost all such trees were felled (in Spring 2001, by the site owner for his own purposes) to leave the antenna with an almost totally uncluttered horizon.

Edge Hill is famed for the Battle of Edge Hill, 1642, when Charles-I had his well-documented 'set-to' with Oliver Cromwell, at the outset of the Civil War. Result: Parliamentary troops under the Earl of Essex, One, Royal troops under the Earl of Forth, Nil. The Castle Inn has an excellent picture - click for a larger version in a new window. The battlefield area is said to be haunted to this day, with the sounds or horse's hooves and battle on October 23rd.

To the East, the next land feature of equivalent height is the Ural Mountains in Russia. Perhaps this explains the bitterly cold winds which Edge Hill often experiences in winter, especially when adjusting the antenna. FortunatelyThe Castle Inn is a most authentic English pub only a two-minutes' drive away, with its ample servings of traditional ales and meals available on an all-day basis. In the summer, it's a popular area for serious walkers to meander in the balmy afternoon heat, having paused, of course, for their well-deserved libations after visiting the Battle Monument Stone on their rise up this dramatic and historically-significant escarpment. It is equally popular with those who prefer an evening leisure drive for a breath-taking halt in the beer garden to watch the sun sink over Wales.

GB3EH is controlled by a Logic module - which is compatible with CAIRO-8. For Engineering details please proceed to the Logic-8 sub-site.

The Annual Plead!

We would urge all Users, regular or casual, to please note that the annual Site and Insurance charges had to be paid during the downtime (March 2007) and our funds are low as a result. The re-installation also incurred considerable additional expense for which we would gratefully accept contributions.

As ever, therefore, Keeper Paul, G4OHB is holding out his cap coffee mug!

Co-Linear Antenna


Picture of the Battle of Edge Hill in The Castle Inn

Paul, G4OHB and Peter, G8CQH


You can visit the website directly here for the latest information.

G4OHB - Alert

Paul, G4OHB, the Keeper and therefore the primary contact for EH, is available on e-mail: He has a web site for his Musical CDs here.