Banbury Show - June 2015


Mon 17th Jun 2019    
Banbury Show - 14 June 2015

BARS put on a portable H/F Station at the Banbury Show again this year
with a Special Event Callsign - GB8MCC - "Magna Carta Centenary"
The weather was reasonable - a bit cloudy first thing.
...Frank M0BJN, John M1CNJ, Adrian M0RDI, Simon GW0NVN and john G8OZH assembled the station
...propagation was poor and the noise level quite high but there were some interesting contacts made
It didn't seem quite as busy as in previous years
but that improved later with the sunshine
And it was another good day out for BARS
Is this George Orwell's 'Big Brother' from 1984...?
aha - this is what he was up to....
and a final 'tall tale' to end with